Post-surgical Care

Mr El Gammal works with a multidisciplinary team to ensure you get expert treatment throughout your journey and recovery.

Follow-up consultations

Mr El Gammal will see you after your surgery a number of times to ensure your wounds are healing well and everything is going as planned. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss your treatment with him.


Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Mr El Gammal works closely alongside a team of expert Oncologists and specialist cancer nurses to deliver effective treatment for breast cancer. Every patient is different, and your treatment plan will be discussed with both Mr El Gammal and your Oncologist. You can rest assured that you will get the very best and most effective treatment for you.

For more detailed information on what is involved with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy you can visit the NHS website which explains in great detail.

 Read about Radiotherapy

 Read about Chemotherapy



There is a range of recommended medications to help treat breast cancer. Medication usually involves hormone therapy drugs, which can take the form of pills or injections. Every patient is different and there are different medications for different situations such as whether you are pre or post-menopausal. Mr El Gammal works alongside your Oncologist after your surgery to ensure an effective recovery. 


Physical Therapy

It may be recommended for you to have physical therapy following breast cancer surgery. Physical therapy aims to ensure you retain good arm and shoulder mobility following a mastectomy and/or lymph node removal. Physical therapy exercises can also help with reducing lymphedema, an uncomfortable build-up of fluid under your arm.

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Please Note: Mr El Gammal is currently offering telephone consultations for patients that need advice, or if it is appropriate for a follow up consultation. If you are insured, please check with your provider that you are covered for telephone consultations. If you are paying for yourself, telephone consultations will be discounted so please check with Mr El Gammal's practice manager.