Breast Reconstruction

After a lumpectomy or mastectomy to remove the cancer from your breast, reconstruction allows us to ensure you keep as much of your natural appearance as possible.


There are many different types of breast reconstruction and Mr El Gammal is able to offer the most relevant procedure for your needs.

As well as performing standard reconstruction procedures that use implants, Mr El Gammal specialises in advanced breast reconstruction techniques that help to conserve as much of your breast as possible and also retain the natural aesthetic of your breasts.

Each technique is appropriate for different circumstances such as where the cancer is located or the size of your breast. These techniques include:

  • Therapeutic Mammoplasty
  • Batwing Mammoplasty
  • Grositti flap
  • Round block mammoplasty
  • Liposculpture

Mr El Gammal also has the expertise to perform complex breast reconstruction including revision surgery having gained comprehensive training and qualifications from the European School of Microvascular Surgery Microvascular Breast Reconstruction offers a range of benefits versus other forms of flap reconstruction surgery.

All of these advanced techniques offer many advantages over standard reconstruction methods and Mr El Gammal will discuss all the appropriate options, benefits and details with you during your consultations.

Mr El Gammal also offers patients second opinion consultations, should you have any concerns or would like reassurance on any part of your proposed or previous treatment.


How long will the procedure last?

The time will vary significantly depending on a number of factors and which technique is being used. It is difficult to give an exact answer but procedures can take anywhere from one to six hours.

How long will I stay in hospital?

For some less extensive procedures, you may be able to go home the same day as your surgery. However, most patients will stay in hospital for one or two nights following breast reconstruction surgery.

When can I have breast reconstruction following a mastectomy or lumpectomy?

Breast reconstruction is often performed as part of the same procedure as the surgery to remove the cancer, but can be done months or years afterwards.

Will you ensure my breasts look symmetrical after surgery?

Of course, Mr El Gammal will ensure your breasts are shapely, symmetrical and as similar looking as possible. There may be slightly different scaring on each breast, but these will become more faded over time.

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